How to work with me

My services:

One on one coaching

More ease and flow, more magic, authentic desires and passion, permission to explore and express your unique gifts, love, joy and deep juicy connection with Life

Perhaps you've been looking for answers that would help you understand yourself and the world better.

You have longing for deeper, more fulfilling life than you are currently living. Life in which you can fully express who you are.

You want to get fully in touch with your deepest desires, you are not satisfied with living on the surface of daily routine.

You are ready to reclaim your unique gifts and step into greater possibilities.

You want to struggle less and experience more ease and flow.

You wish to have work, lifestyle and relationships that deeply inspire you.

You'd like stop overthinking and start enjoying greater peace of mind and clarity.

You want to stop judging and under-valuing yourself. You have a desire to see and embrace the magnificence of who you are and create deeply loving, caring relationship with yourself.

You have yearning to connect with the depths of your soul.

Perhaps you've been searching in books, in various teachings, maybe in courses, therapy or philosophies. That's wonderful, you are a seeker, deep things matter to you. I am hear to be your guide in making a radical shift and start looking first and foremost into your own soul because this is where your unique path unfolds.

I offer my clients various 'portals' to this kind of inner looking/listening/feeling. I love working with metaphors and archetypes, with body movement, journaling (aka soul-writing), deep relaxation and other wonderful means of self discovery. Answers that come from within can save you a lot time and effort as they are personalized just for you.

I offer one on one coaching in person (at my home based office in Kolossi and sometimes on the beach or in the forest) and online via zoom and skype. In my experience working online is equally powerful as working in person. If we have strong heart to heart connection, we don't need to be in the same room.

I deeply believe that everyone has the potential to live life filled with love, joy, creativity, beautiful relationships, growth, success, purpose and meaning. And...the gentlest and most powerful path to embody your deepest desires is the path of listening carefully to the whispers your own soul.

I want to emphasize that I am not just another coach who will help you get from A to B. The coaching journey that we'll embark on together will lead us towards discovering your unique gifts and embodying more of your potential. We will step beyond improvement, to the realm of pure potentiality so you can see possibilities for fulfillment you haven't seen before. I want to invite you to step out of the 'old story of you' and see yourself with brand new eyes. I want you to see the infinite beauty, wisdom and power of your true nature. My intention is to help you fall in love with Life and engage in whatever you desire to create from a place of inner security and creativity. Life can be much easier, richer and magical when you allow yourself to relax into who you truly are.

If this resonates with you, I would love to be of service to you! Get in touch if you want to explore the opportunity of coaching with me.

Women circles

I have held women circle 'Rebirth of the Wild Soul" in the magical herb garden 'Myristiko' in Kolossi (in Cyprus) as well as a series of online circles 'Feed Your Magic' and 'She Who Feels'.

The upcoming women circle FEMININE MAGIC will start in September 2022.

Contact me if you'd like to hear more.

Meeting in a women circle is magical, profoundly healing and transformative.

What is happening in the Rebirth of the Wild Soul Women Circle?

Magic. Love. Connection. Reclamation.

We immerse ourselves in various practices that facilitate listening to the wild feminine soul. We explore ancient myths and legends, not on an intellectual level but on a soul level and we allow them to awaken something deep in us. Myths and legends have a profound capacity to show us powerful archetypes of the psyche and guide us as we start embody them more.

We also listen to the Wild Soul in guided visualizations, nonlinear body movement and journaling.

We enjoy simple beautiful rituals that facilitate opening ourselves to the mystery of Life .

And, of course, we share from the heart. Being witnessed and held with love and acceptance by other women proves to be very healing and transformative.

If your heart is calling you to step into a women circle or if you feel intrigued and have questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

Psychological support

For a decade I've been helping clients who struggle with stress, addictions and difficult feelings including depression, anxiety, guilt and shame. I also work with those who want to improve their relationships, feel deeper self-love and self-acceptance and find greater clarity, joy and fulfillment in various spheres of life

I offer psychological support to women, men and youth. I use various methods that include Enneagram, body-mind connection, archetypal psychology, relaxation and visualisation, working with 'inner parts' etc.

I always offer deep listening, unconditional acceptance and safe space to look within and rebuild self-trust, deep self-esteem and self love and find empowering and authentic ways of facing challenges and moving in the direction of greater health and fulfillment.

Feel free to get in touch if you need psychological support. You don't need to go through challenges alone.


I offer individual retreats all year round and occasionally also group retreats in beautiful locations in Cyprus.

In today's fast paced world it is very easy to get stuck in the ‘go – mode’ and overthinking. In the culture that highly values linear thinking, drive and constant action, a lot of women and men find themselves disconnected from deep fulfillment, sense of purpose, pleasure, intuition and the invisible but vital mysteries that have been embraced and utilised by healers, mystics, lovers, scientists and artists since ancient times.

Deep inside we know that slowing down, taking time in nature, reconnecting with the body and the soul is exactly what we need. Retreat is a loving space for connection with yourself, with nature and with others. As the mind settles and the body relaxes, deeper stream of wisdom, creativity and aliveness can be accessed.

If you sense that retreat might be what you need, get in touch and let's plan a retreat that deeply nourishes your body, mind and soul!

“Don't be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” Rumi