Feminine Magic

This program is a journey into your Unique Essence

Welcome to the space devoted to awakening your

Feminine Magic!

  • 3 Lunar cycles

  • 6 Gatherings in a Women's Circle

  • 3 Shamanic Journeys

  • A bunch of bonuses that will allow you to weave your magic at your own pace in between live meetings

Magic happens when women gather together

Do you long to feel embodied, connected with Nature and with Spirit?

You desire to be in a deeper touch with the magical dimension of life. You can sense it in nature or when you do something creative, or in the silent moments of meditation or just sipping your favourite tea.

It is there but the world around you often seems not to recognize it or dismisses it, preoccupied with rules, duties, consumption and other 'important issues'.

Even if you tried playing by the rules of the ‘normal’ world (get the job, get the guy, be rational, work hard etc.), you know that beneath the surface of the ordinary lies the enchanting, infinite landscape of Magic that makes life truly worth living.

Perhaps you tried pushing, achieving, controlling, in other words operating mainly on masculine energy, but your body had to pay the price and something was still missing, you wanted more ease and flow, more joy, more magic.

You want more embodied sense of being part of the web of Life, you want to feel supported and cherished by Life, you want to be able to tap into the guidance that you need from the great wisdom of the web of Life/Source.

You will be immersed in:

  • the magic of a women's circle

  • the magic of shamanism

  • the magic of natural world

  • the magic of your body

  • the magic of ceremony

  • the magic of archetypes

You will receive support in finding your own way of enchanting your everyday life with the flavours of magic that most resonate with your Essence.

Receive what you desire with greater ease

In the Feminine Magic program, you will be invited to various practices that will allow you to welcome the Divine Feminine more fully into your body and psyche. The process will be guided by your innate wisdom so you will be opening up to Her in the pace that is right for you.

We will not only support you in awakening the Feminine in you but also assist you in discovering in what ways your soul, your Essence wants to express this creative energy in the world.

The flow of feminine magic will enhance your creativity, your intuition, your capacity to experience states of deep joy and bliss. It will make you more magnetic, your relationships will be enriched, it will show you how to receive what you desire with greater ease.

Open up to the gifts of the Feminine.

When the Feminine energy is welcomed into your body, into your heart and your life, she awakens you to your true, divine nature.

When her energy is flowing through you, she washes away the emotional and mental debris that is preventing you from unapologetically being who you came here to be.

The Feminine energy heals your wounds, soothes your pain and removes layers of self-judgement, shame, guilt and anything that is in the way of you fully embracing and deeply loving yourself.

She awakens your unique gifts, your creativity, allows the one of a kind flavour of your soul, which we call “your magic”, to be expressed in the world.

And your magic matters. It is absolutely essential for your blissful fulfillment, and, for the world which needs the unique music only you can play.

This program will support you in awakening the Feminine Energy and channeling it into creations that bring you deep joy and sense of being in alignment with your purpose.

Who is it for?

I’m inviting you to join us if you:

  • are ready to take your seat in a women's circle – a space where healing happens and the gifts of the Divine Feminine are awakened

  • want motivation and support that will help you take the steps to experience, embody and express your truest Essence

  • want to create enjoyable daily routines / practices that will support your feminine embodiment and infuse your daily life with magic (they can be as short as 5 min. a day)

  • have a longing to be in the flow of divine love and guidance

  • want to open up to more bliss and success that results from living in alignment with your true nature

  • want to be seen and celebrated for the unique magic that you are

  • are interested in initiating or deepening the contact with the archetypal qualities of the Feminine (such as Wild Woman, Lover, Medicine Woman to name just a few)

What will be lovingly offered for you to delight in?

6 online Women's Circles

Duration: about 90 min on zoom

Women circle is a sacred space that regulates your nervous system, supports emotional healing and awakens deep ancient wisdom.

You will be seen, fully accepted and celebrated.

Sharing, silence, and simple, powerful rituals, ceremonies and meditations will help you connect to the qualities / energies that will support the unfoldment of your magic.

You will also have a chance to reflect, reconnect with your inner guidance, receive support on the path of honouring your desires and planting new seeds.

The person holding space for the Women's Circles will be Karolina Gladych.

3 Shamanic Journey Workshops online

Duration: 45 - 60 min in our private Facebook group as a livestream and / or as a recorded video

So you can deepen your connection with your Inner Self and your Inner World of intuition, symbols, archetypes and the Universal Wisdom.

Through simple yet powerful Shamanic Dream Meditations you will be able to address specific areas or themes in your life for healing, expansion, growth, transformation and much more.

The person holding space for the Shamanic Journeys will be Agnieszka Radomiak.

A private Facebook group for the members of Feminine Magic only

So you can be connected, seen, inspired and supported. Additional materials (see Bonuses section) will be shared in the group.

Bonuses (goodies):

  • Additional shamanic journeys

  • "Pop-up ceremonies" - spontaneous mini-ceremonies and practices

  • Guided Meditations

  • Sound journeys

  • Lunar rituals

  • Embodiment practices - exercises and practices helpful for embodying the feminine energy

  • Tarot and Oracle Cards readings: Goddess Power Oracle, Angel Tarot, Sacred Creators, Spirit Animals, Thoth Tarot, Shamanic Healing Oracle

  • Astrology Overviews

  • Additional materials for participants who want to explore a specific theme further / on a deeper level

Ah, so much yumminess here!

Do you desire tailor-made, individual support, as well? You can UPGRADE to include one-on-one sessions!

3 one-on-one sessions with Karolina

(each session lasts 60 minutes and is held on zoom)

So you can receive personal support and undivided attention from me.

During the sessions we can lovingly explore both difficulties and potent resources on your journey of embodying the Feminine and awakening to your unique magic.

We can look into what's holding you back and what's pulling you into the greatest expression of you.

All of you is welcome. Your pain, your fear, your darkness, your light, your genius, your pleasure, desires, your joy and your beauty.

3 one-on-one sessions with Agnieszka

(each session lasts 60 minutes and is held on zoom)

So you can receive an additional, personalised Shamanic Journey for each of the 3 Shamanic Workshops, in order to further explore your path.

I will personally guide and support you through the process, so that you can learn to navigate in your Inner World even better.

You willl learn the language in which your Soul speaks to you.

You will develop a stronger connection with your intuition, and a deeper understanding of your own nature and your own story.

Where? When? How much?

  • The Women Circles will be held on zoom.

  • The Shamanic Journeys will take place in our private Facebook group as a livestream and / or a recorded video.

  • The guided meditations, additional resources and conversations in between the meetings will be in the private Facebook group.

  • The one-on-one sessions, if you chose to upgrade to individual support with one or both of us, will be on zoom and will last 60 min (if you are in Cyprus or Poland, face to face sessions are also possible).

  • The time container (a.k.a. the cauldron for our magical journey) is from the last week of September 2022 till mid of December 2022. Depending on the group and number of participants, we will offer morning and evening meetings times, and, we will choose the day of the week that is workable for everyone (Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday).

  • The investment is 333 EUR paid once or in 3 installments of 111 EUR.

  • The investment for the Upgraded Package with 3 individual sessions with Agnieszka or Karolina is 480 EUR or 3 installments of 160 EUR

  • The investment for the Upgraded Package with individual support from Agnieszka and Karolina (3 sessions with Agnieszka, plus 3 sessions with Karolina) is 575 EUR or 3 installments of 192 EUR

  • Reservation is necessary. In order to book the place in the program, payment of a deposit 111 EUR (or first instalment) is needed. You'll receive the payment instructions after submitting the 'Yes, I'm in! ' form below.

Meetings Schedule

The first cycle and the first three meetings in September & October (once a week) + one week integration break and / or optional individual sessions:

First week: the 1st Women's Circle (around September New Moon - 26/09/22) and opening of the space

Second week: the 1st Shamanic Journey

Third week: the 2nd Women's Circle (around Full Moon)

Fourth week: Integration / individual sessions

The second cycle (October & November):

The 3rd Women's Circle (around October New Moon - 25/10/22)

The 2nd Shamanic Journey

The 4th Women's Circle (around Full Moon)

Integration and optional one-on-one sessions

The third cycle (November & December):

The 5th Women's Circle (near November New Moon - 24/11/22)

The 3rd Shamanic Journey

Integration and optional one-on-one sessions (2 weeks)

Last week: the 6th Women's Circle (near December New Moon - 23/12/22); closing of the space

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions: kg@karolinagladych.com

May your Magic thrive!

May your Feminine Essence be celebrated!