• Rebirth of the Wild Soul Retreat

  • Rebirth of the Wild Soul

    Retreat for Women


    Connect with the juiciness of you!


    The retreat is a space where YOUR magic unfolds.

    It is a space for women, who crave deeper connection with their soul’s truth, gifts and desires.

    In today's fast paced world it is very easy to get stuck in the ‘go – mode’ and in overthinking. In the culture that highly values linear thinking, drive and constant action, a lot of women find themselves disconnected from deep fulfillment, pleasure, intuition and the invisible but vital mysteries that have been embraced and utilised by healers, mystics, lovers and artists since ancient times.


    Deep inside we know that slowing down, taking time in nature, reconnecting with our body and soul is exactly what we need but... life happens and we don’t give ourselves the time and space to do it. This retreat is the loving space for connection with yourself – with your wild soul, with nature and with other women.





    The retreat is an invitation to cultivate sensitivity to the subtle energy of your intuition.

    You will explore how your wild wise and gorgeous soul wants to communicate with you. She often speaks in the language of metaphors and symbols. She also communicates with us through our bodies, though movement and sensations and through nature and imagination.


    The gifts of listening to the wild soul are countless. We start feeling Life in a new way. Our senses become awake and our capacity for pleasure increases. Our bodies become divine instruments for receiving inspiration and guidance, our creative lives start blossoming. We gain clarity about ways in which we want to bring our unique gifts to life. Our health improves as stress level decreases.

    When the wild soul is truly welcome in our bodies, we unlock our power and confidence. The wise woman who lives in our soul knows what aspects of us need to die so we can be reborn stronger, happier, more fulfilled and shine brightly our unique light. The wild soul can see what we cannot see with the eyes of intellect and she guides us to where we need to go. This workshop is an invitation to listen and follow Her.


    So what will be happening during the retreat?


    Magic. Love. Connection. Reclamation.






    During the retreat:


    - We will immerse ourselves in various practices that facilitate listening to the soul. You will have a chance to listen to what She whispers to you in nature, in art, in writing and body movement. And you don’t need to be an artist or a writer or a dancer. You will find a way that makes communicating with your soul easiest and most enjoyable.



    - We will be spending time in a circle and sharing from the heart with complete acceptance to everything that needs to be expressed. Being witnessed and held with love and acceptance by other women proves to be very healing and transformative.


    - We will be taking some quiet time in the nature intentionally creating space for the wild soul to communicate with us, guide us and show us what we need to see. We will be connecting with trees and the sun, the moon, the earth, the wind and water. You will spend some time alone in the nature and allow Her to guide you and heal you.


    - We will be exploring ancient myths and legends, not on an intellectual level but on a soul level. We’ll allow the ancient stories to awaken something in us. Myths and legends have a profound power of showing us powerful archetypes of the psyche and guiding us as we start to embody them more .


    - We will be immersing ourselves in guided visualizations, meditating and exploring healing power of body movement. Your body is a gateway to your power. The retreat is an invitation to reclaim the forgotten and repressed gifts that are hidden in woman’s body.


    - We will enjoy simple beautiful rituals that facilitate opening ourselves to the mystery of Life.


    - We will also discuss practical ways in which we can embody more of the feminine energy on a daily basis. We’ll look at how we can align with natural cycles and harness their power.


    Like a snake sheds his skin, you are invited to gently and lovingly shed layers of cultural conditioning that no longer serve you so your true wild essence can shine through more brightly.



    When? Where? The investment?


    - 14-17 June 2019


    - In Troodos mountains, surrounded by beautiful nature, in a beautiful private villa. You will have your own bedroom.


    - The investment is 795 euro (includes VAT)


    Healthy breakfast is included in the price. Other meals are not included. I want to allow room for our spontaneous feminine energy to decide whether we want to go out for a meal, cook something together etc.

    If you are coming to the retreat from abroad we can help to arrange your airport transfer and offer other assistance if needed.




  • Is your soul calling to join the retreat?

    Or do you have any questions or comments?

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  • 'Within every woman there is a wild and natural creature, a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing. '

    Clarissa Pinkola Estes

    The retreat is led by a psychologist and transformation coach Karolina Gladych

    I especially love working with women and being their guide and witness in reclaiming their true power, joy of being, pleasure and creativity.

    My deepest intention is that we'll learn to love more, value and celebrate ourselves rather than judge. And we'll start living in a greater alignment with the Wild Soul and allow Her to express herself in us more fully and create through us (Whether it is creating a cake, a family, a lovely evening, a healing conversation, a business with soul, a painting or any other wonder so needed in this world).

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