I help women love themselves deeply, reclaim their unique gifts, beauty, power and magic and live with sense of deep fulfillment

About me

"I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teaching of my Soul."

I love the above quote from one of my favourite poets, Rumi and it very much resonates with my own path and the path I assist my clients on.

I strongly believe that the world needs more people who listen deeply to their own soul. And I don't mean 'soul' in a religious sense. For me soul is your unique Essence that is ancient, infinitely wise and loving and contains the seeds of everything you need to live deeply fulfilling life.

I have spent a lot of time listening to all the 'shoulds' and 'have tos' installed in me by culture and by well intentioned people. In many areas of my life I've tasted the disappointment of doing something that looked like 'the right thing to do' but it wasn't in deep resonance with the inner flow of my soul.

The paths of the soul are often unconventional and might not make too much sense to the rational mind. But there is deep wisdom that is revealed when you follow where they lead. There you find ways to uncover and express your deepest gifts and fall deeper and deeper in love with Life.

I love with the subtle but so powerful feeling of being in alignment with my Essence/Soul/True Nature. This is the 'engine' of my inner guidance system.

I know that being in tune and listening to our soul gives us the chance to transform our relationships into authentic and governed by love. It leads to discovering the enormous beauty of who we are and allows us to contribute to the world the unique gifts we came here with. Very often it happens through work that is in sync with our Essence, through authentic relationships, through creative projects and most importantly, through shining the light of our authentic powerful presence in everyday life.

Being a seeker myself, I've noticed that looking for answers we often miss the deep wisdom and sense of joyful aliveness that is present in our bodies, in our impulses for creative expressions and in the ever present flow of the soul that often leaks to our consciousness in dreams, fantasies, subtle feelings and desires.

I guide women (and occasionally also men) through layers of self-judgement and limiting 'rules' that hinder the expression of their potential. I stand by their side as they discover the absolute beauty and infinite potentiality that they are.

I help my clients connect with what really matters to them and live with sense of deep fulfillment, freedom, love and joy.

I especially love working with creative women and being their guide and witness in reclaiming their true power, joy of being, pleasure and creativity.

I am a psychologist, fulfillment coach and group facilitator

I have 10+ years of experience working with individuals and groups from all walks of life and from over 20 countries.

I offer my clients unconditional deep acceptance, I see their beauty and their power even when they don't. I don't tell anyone what to do but I invite them to dive deep into themselves and bring answers that come from the wisdom of their soul. My clients often describe working with me as transformative on a deep level and at the same time not lacking lightheartedness and practicality.

In my work I bring together various branches of psychology, personal development, bits of neuroscience, embodiment practices and my passion for diving deeply into the infinite treasures of the archetype of Wild Woman.

My deepest intention is that we'll learn to love, value and celebrate ourselves rather than judge. And we'll start living in a greater alignment with the Wild Soul and allow Her to express herself in us more fully and create through us (whether it is creating a cake, a healthy relationship, a unique event, a business with soul, a painting or any other wonder so needed in this world).

I work online as well as in person. My home based office is in Kolossi in Cyprus. Events take place in different locations on the island. I also love collaborations and I could be a guest speaker on your event.

Before you move on, I want to take the opportunity to whisper to you something I know to be true:

You are 100% lovable beautiful creative being and deep fulfillment is possible for you when you deeply listen to your soul.

“Don't be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” Rumi