• Rebirth of the Wild Soul - Women Circle

  • Rebirth of the Wild Soul – Women Circle

    My heart, my soul and my body are calling me to create this circle. To be more accurate, I sense that the magical circle already exists, it just needs to be brought to life. I am inviting you to co-create the space where miracles happen among mandarin trees and where wild feminine souls are awakening in between sweet and earthy flavours of herbs. Because the circle is going to take place in a beautiful and very magical garden 'Miristiko', which happens to be in my village - Kolossi.


    My deepest intention is that during the circle we'll learn to love more, value and celebrate ourselves rather than judge.

    And we'll start living in a greater alignment with the Wild Soul and allow Her to express herself in us more fully and create through us. (Whether it is creating a cake, a family, a lovely evening, a healing conversation, a business with soul, a painting or any other wonder so needed in this world)

    The circle is a space where YOUR magic unfolds.

    It is a space for women, who crave deeper connection with their soul’s truth and desires

    The circle invites women who want to feel Life deeply

    Who want to express their soul-centered creativity

    Who feel called to reconnect with the wisdom of their bodies and invite more pleasure and intuition in

    Who recognize the healing power of sisterhood.


    So what will be happening during the circle?


    Magic. Love. Connection. Reclamation.


    We will be exploring ancient myths and legends but not on an intellectual level but on a soul level. We’ll allow the ancient stories to awaken something in us.


    We will be sharing from the heart with no judgement and complete acceptance to everything that needs to be expressed.


    We will be meditating and exploring healing power of body movement.


    We will enjoy simple beautiful rituals that help to open ourselves to the mystery of Life.


    Once formed, the Circle becomes a container for truth telling and sacred witnessing, healing and transformation.


    If it resonates with you and your Heart is calling you to step into the circle – wonderful! Join us and bring your magic with you!



    If it all sounds a bit surreal... If you are accustomed to living in your head rather than in your body... If your culture, family or religion conditioning made you believe that there is something not quite right with being fully alive in your body, prioritizing joy and pleasure, open to full range of feelings and experiences… being in the circle might be the exact medicine you need.


    The circle will start mid-February. Morning group will be meeting on Tuesdays at 10 a.m. – 12 a.m. and evening group on Thursdays at 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.

    The dates for the morning group are:

    19 February, 26 February, 5 March, 12 March, 19 March.

    And for the evening group:

    21 February, 28 February, 7 March, 14 March, 21 March


    The next circle will also consist of 5 meetings. It's starting end of April/beginning of May, exact dates coming soon. Get in touch to reserve your spot.


    I want to make the circle available to every woman that feels the calling to participate. The investment for 5 meetings is 75 euro. Delicious herbal tea and home-made cake will be served and are included.

  • Have a look at the beautiful botanical garden "Miristiko" where our circle will blossom

      It is located near the Kolossi Castle. Every corner is infused with love and magic.

  • Is your soul calling to join the circle?

    Or would you like to find out more?

    get in touch

  • “You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.”



    If you are interested in human potential...

    If you would love more inspiration and creativity on a daily basis...

    If you wonder what it takes to enjoy more fulfillment with less effort...

    If sometimes your active mind is giving you hard time by overthinking or over-complicating things...

    If you have tried to 'work on yourself' to overcome your shortcomings and you are tired of it...

    If you would love to express (or discover) more of your potential, your unique gifts, your beauty...

    If you want to love yourself completely in spite of any imperfections...

    If you would love to have more confidence without the need to work on it or push yourself...

    If you want your relationships to be deep, lighthearted and nourishing...


    ...You are in the right place.


    I am inviting you to discover a totally new way of experiencing yourself and Life. I am inviting you to the SHIFT from the busyness of your mind to the peace and wisdom of your Heart. This is the path of discovery of your True Nature. This is a journey to the greatest treasure a person can find. Sounds esoteric? It is not. It is ordinary in the most beautiful sense. Your True Self is your Essence that gets covered up by your busy mind. Your True Self is deeper and is closer than anything else. This journey, even though spiritual in its essence, is immensely practical as it allows you to exceed any limitations that are holding you back from enjoying deep sense of wellbeing and from using your potential to create what you truly desire to create in any area of your life. And we are not talking about small improvements of your life. We are talking about discovering completely new relationship with Life, about understanding the nature of true joy and about unleashing yourself from doubt and fear so you can grow and create in a powerful, lighthearted and unique way, allowing Life to support you.


    My intention is to assist you in deeper discovery of your True Nature. Every glimpse, every insight into your True Self always brings deep sense of relaxation, peace and clarity. The more you allow your Wise Heart to be the guide in your life, the more successful, joyful and wonderful life gets.

    I offer coaching packages for individuals, individual and group retreats in Cyprus and seminars for teams, leaders and educators. I also host webinars and have a video blog. The intention of all my services is to point you in the direction of your own wisdom so you can see possibilities that used to be invisible to you, you can enjoy being you and allow yourself to express your unique gifts in the world while creating sustainable fulfillment in your life. I have a fun and engaging online course for those who want to follow inspiration and take their creative ideas out of their head into the world.

    I especially love working with women and being their guide and witness in reclaiming their true power, joy of being, pleasure and creativity.

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