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    Experience the inner spaciousness, love and healing

    Have you been feeling tired or stressed?


    Perhaps it often feels as if there was not enough hours in a day to get everything done?


    You might be feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities.


    But do you know that it is your internal pressure - to hurry, to do more, to please others, to act faster - that is the REAL source of stress?



    When you notice a feeling of impatience, overwhelm, anxiety or disconnection,


    it is a signal from your inner wisdom to Retreat and Reconnect.


    Retreat from the story the mind is constantly telling.


    Reconnect with the natural ability to experience life with ease, joy, creativity and simplicity.




    I'm inviting you to a space where you can be free from all 'shoulds' and 'have tos'.


    Where you can stop wanting life and yourself to be different.


    Where you can stop rushing.


    I'm inviting you to experience the perfection of the present moment.


    And discover the beauty and magnificence of you exactly the way you are.


    I'm inviting you to go deeper.


    Beyond your ideas, your beliefs and your story.


    To a space where you can be your True Self.


    And allow yourself to be free.


    From that space inspiration and innate wisdom can easily guide you.


    And that's how your life transforms in the most magical way.

    During the retreat you will experience the healing power of the energy of Love/Heart. It is the most powerful, simple and gentle way of healing ourselves and our lives on all levels.


    You will reconnect with your innate joy, wisdom, and harmony. You will rest deeply, enjoy the beautiful seaside and allow the Living Energy in you to restore you, embrace you with love and guide you.


    I'm inviting you to plug in to the infinite field of loving energy.


    This retreat is a unique combination of yoga, transformative coaching, relaxation and sightseeing.


    We promise deep yet lighthearted experience.


    Something for your body, your senses, mind, Heart and spirit.


    You will stay in a beautiful winery, just a few minutes walk from the beach.


    This is an individual retreat so you will receive undivided attention from the retreat leaders. We also accept bookings for couples or groups up to 4 people.



    Your coach will be listening deeply to you and will help you reconnect with your innate well-being, inner guidance and energy and gain clarity on your dreams/goals/projects and/or challenges.

    You will have a chance to experience beautiful heart centered meditation and holistic yoga.

    We want you to come back home with a profound sense of contentment, clarity and serenity which will be accessible to you even in all circumstances.


    What's included in the package?


    • 4 coaching sessions with transformation coach Karolina Gladych


    • Beautiful meditations during which you will reconnect with the healing energy of Love


    • 3 yoga sessions (if desired) led by experienced yoga and meditation instructor who specialises in holistic mind/body approach that assists you in manifesting balance in your life, home and business


    • Free airport pickup and drop-off


    • 3 overnight stays with breakfast in a lovely location - a winery with bio garden just a few minutes by foot from the beach


    • sightseeing of beautiful nature and culture locations


    • delicious welcome dinner


    • assistance with arranging additional activities (travels, workshops, body treatments, diving, horse riding, golf etc.) if desired

    Investment: 1175 euro


  • Where?

    The retreat takes place in Pissouri, a beautiful village on the south west coast of Cyprus, half way between Paphos and Limassol. You will stay at Ampelokipi Holiday Apartments, which are set on a hill overlooking vineyards in a quiet and peaceful location which is ideal to relax. The owners of the apartments have a bio-garden and are happy to prepare delicious and healthy meals for you. A beautiful crystal clear beach, Pissouri Bay, is just 10 min walk away. There are many restaurants, cafes and taverns in Pissouri serving great food and drinks.
    For individual retreats, we can also offer other accommodation, according to your preference

    About Cyprus

    It is an amazing place where nature and beauty meet with ancient history and culture. According to the Greek mythology, the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, emerged from the sea foam at the coast between two cities- Limassol and Paphos. Cyprus offers unique combination of local traditions and modern, cosmopolitan spirit. Cyprus is one of the safest travel destinations and, whatever the season, provides ample opportunity to experience something new and interesting. Moreover, English is widely known and spoken in Cyprus, even in small traditional villages which makes it easy to communicate with the local community.

    The scenery of Cyprus unfolds across varied coasts, rolling mountains, fragrant forests and rugged headlands. From the warm shores of the mainland to the unspoiled and cool oasis of the Troodos mountain range, nature lovers, artists, photographers and explorers will all delight in discovering rare plants, waterfalls, bays, woodland, charming churches hidden in the mountains, wineries, citrus and olive orchards, small cosy villages and lively cities. Cyprus is an island with long history and rich culture that spans 10,000 years, making it one of the oldest civilisations in the Mediterranean - as evidenced by the many fascinating cultural sights, museums, monuments and galleries.

    Locals are known for their hospitality, openness and passion for delicious and healthy Mediterranean cuisine, traditions and music.


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