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    Clarity of Mind for Extraordinary Results 21-25 May, Limassol

    4 days seminar based on the inside out understanding (aka 3 Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought).

    What if having a clear mind was your natural state?

    What if you could easily stop worrying, overthinking and ruminating right now?

    What if insight, intuition and inner guidance are innately part of you?

    What if you could be so deeply anchored in innate wellbeing that you could gracefully navigate any emotional weather?

    What if you could fearlessly bring about projects that you feel passionate about?

    What if you could have effortless deep connection with your family, friends, students and co-workers?

    What if your inner peace magnetised to your life the right people and circumstances?

    What if you could achieve results with much less effort and way more flow and inspiration?

    This is not a typical seminar during which you will learn models and methods. It is a different type of learning. It is deep, it is lighthearted, it is based on your own insight into how the human mind works. Once you've get a glimpse into your True Nature, you start seeing life with brand new eyes and this is the space when miracles happen.

    We invite educators, leaders, managers, parents and everyone who is interested in having more wellbeing and inspired flow in their life.


    Investment: 550 euro


    For participants who live in Cyprus we offer a very special price 320 euro (VAT included).


    Important note for educators: if your organisation has Erasmus+ staff mobility grant, you can use it to cover your expenses


    To inquire about the seminar or receive daily program email me at kg@karolinagladych.com or use the contact form below.

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