• Soul Talk - where psychology and spirituality meet - new season

    Second Season of Soul Talk meetings is coming with a juicy theme: ABUNDANCE. Join us on 17th September 2018 at Erifilis BookCafe in Limassol at 7:45 pm

    "Abundance is everywhere - money, synchronicities and other weird and wonderful gifts of Life" - 17/9/2018, Erifilis BookCafe

    Welcome to the second season of Soul Talk series: Abundance.!

    In the next few meetings-chapters we will focus on both financial and other aspects of abundance. We'll share our experience and views on wealth and prosperity and would love to invite you to explore the topic with us, in more depth.

    Presenting first chapter: "Abundance is everywhere - money, synchronicities and other weird and wonderful gifts of Life".


    In this chapter, there will be a bit of lightheartedness around the the topic. We'll talk about trusting that abundance is everywhere and we'll dive into questions on how open we are to receive it.

    If you're fed up with the the topic of money being all so serious and feel like it's time to breath some air in it, gain a new, fresh perspective, then you're our people :)

    As always, there will be guided meditation, too.

    ~~~Cost Contribution (includes a tea/coffee/lemonade/cake)~~~
    10 EUR Adults
    7 EUR Students

    We really look forward to exploring with you... ♥


  • Upcoming online programs

    Free online group coaching program starting mid of August

    All the spots are filled up and the program is in progress but if you are interested in this topic, contact us. After the pilot program we'll be launching the first group.

    I am pretty:beautiful

    The program is open for registration

    A friend and colleague Veronika Kuehn and I are offering a free group coaching program focused on beauty. We are very excited about it and looking forward to connecting with those who feel inspired to join us on this journey. Below are the details of the program



    "I am pretty: beautiful"


    Do you want to
    • embrace your unique beauty?
    • love every bit about your body, your face, your appearance?
    • feel comfortable wearing a bikini?
    • feel sexy in intimate relationships?
    • really let your guard down when you’re naked with the person you love?
    • feel at ease in your skin no matter what?
    • feel free to express yourself without thinking about how other people may judge you?
    • spend your time and energy doing what you love and having an impact on the world, not trying to look as you think you should?
    • be happy with the way you look, no matter your age?


    If any of this resonates - this coaching programme might be for you (!):


    • 6 weeks
    • Based on the inside out understanding (AKA 3 Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought)
    • pilot group (*for free*) with 4-6 participants
    • weekly group calls
    • fb group
    • 3P based reading material/videos
    • 1:1 coaching (2 sessions per participant, 1 with Karolina Gladych, 1 with Veronika Kuehn)


    This is who we are looking for: a handful of women and men who would like to participate in our pilot programme and unleash their potential for joy, connection, fun, creativity and love, no matter their looks, no matter their age.


    Please only apply if you’re prepared to participate fully and thus get everything from the programme that you wish for.


    This is the only time we are offering this course for free.


    Send me an email at kg@karolinagladych.com or use the contact form below if you are interested. Write a couple of words about yourself and why you would like to participate.

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