Half day in-house workshop for entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals passionate about their work

    Are there times (and not that rarely) when everything looks very serious, hard, complex and urgent to you?

    Have you noticed how tired and uninspired you feel in such moments?

    Have you noticed that when there is ‘heaviness’ in your team, people start making more mistakes, are reluctant to take personal responsibility or come up with creative ideas?

    Problems start to arise and team spirit goes down whenever we are trapped in heavy thinking.


    The solution is simple and once you experience it for yourself, it will bring you sustainable capacity to live and work with more ease, less stress, greater creativity, clarity and capacity to see new possibilities and act in effective, authentic and powerful manner.


    In the fast paced environment (or you can call it crazy modern world) our minds tend to rush, constantly analyse, problem solve, plan, multitask and also worry and judge. This often creates sense of struggle and stress. Pushing harder is not going to make us more productive. It is like trying to drive a car fast on a low gear. What we need is to bounce back to our natural state of ease, lightheartedness, creative flow and effortless connection and confidence. Lightening up is like discovering that your car has 5th gear and you can use it to move forward quickly and effortlessly.


    Are you a bit concerned that lightening up will make you (or your team) too carefree and you won’t give proper attention to various demands of your job? Do you think that too lightheartedness can lead to drop in performance? I assure you that the opposite is true.


    Taking your thinking too seriously, worrying and trying to control everything slows you down, weighs you down, takes your energy that otherwise can be spent on taking inspired/creative/efficient action. Lightening up is like increasing your bandwidth – more clarity, more innovative, inspired ideas, more common sense can come through. And another super exciting thing is that it also protects you from being stressed out and reactive.


    Moreover, lightening up significantly impacts on work relationships. People respond well when you speak from an open, balanced and lighthearted state. When you communicate from this ‘place’, even difficult conversations are much more likely to bring insight and consensus.


    Dozens of female clients reported that they felt it was harder for them comparing to their male spouses or colleagues ask for a rise, make bold statements, and give presentations. The reason was simple; they had more thinking about it. It looked heavier. When introduced to the principles behind lightening up, they were able to approach those challenges with much more ease and less effort.


    I am inviting you to LIGHTEN UP. It is easy. It is powerful. Once you taste it, you’ll love it.


    In the seminar that you are invited to, I will share universal Principles that allow us to lighten up effortlessly. They are built-in in our neurology, you don't need to 'practice them. Once you insightfully understand them, you will spontaneously start living in greater alignment with your innate design for optimal functioning.




    During the seminar we’ll look at how LIGHTENING UP relates to:


    • innovation, creative problem solving, seeing and creating new opportunities
    • the way we communicate with our team, clients and associates
    • decision making
    • work fulfillment, responsibility and team synergy


    …How it is the ultimate remedy to stress and burn-out



    Don’t allow heaviness to slow you down. Lighten up and allow your natural genius to work for you, allow your relationships with colleagues, clients and associates to be smooth, authentic and effortless. Be the lighthouse that your team needs to navigate smoothly.


    Investments:900 euro + VAT


    Questions? Comments? Contact me at kg@karolinagladych.com


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