• "Under the skin"

    Kate Adey and I in lighthearted, honest, and fearless conversation about being a parent. We are looking at some hot topics from the inside out perspective.

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    Episode 6 "Worry"

    Have you ever wondered where your worrying feeling is coming from?

    Kate and myself explore the topic of ‘Worry’ and shed some light on it taking an Inside Out perspective.

    We have kept it light, fun and hopefully with a little something for you to take away and ponder on in your own parenting.

    Episode 5 "Love"

    This recording is on the topic of Love and is the first of a shorter 15 minute format. We hope you enjoy listening to it. We would love to hear from you whether it’s a question or comment so please get in touch.

    Episode 4 "Accepting our kids the way they are" with Gemma Blaker

    The wonderful Gemma Blaker joind me and Kate Adey in the 4th episode of Under the Skin conversation series. We talked about accepting kids the way they are, stepping back and allowing things to settle and about the very freeing realisation Gemma has had about all of us operating in exactly the same way – as thinking creatures who feel their thoughts. Deeper insights into human nature helped Gemma to trust, relax and enjoy life more. If you like amusing yet touching and enlightening reading, you must check out Gamma’s blog: http://3principles6kids.com/ She has 6 kids (wow!) and I love how she follows sparks of wisdom in the often quite messy family happenings :)

    If you prefer to listen to an audio, you can download the conversation as mp3 from soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/karolina-gladych/accepting-kids-the-way-they-are

    Episode 3 "Being perfect" with Tammy Furey

    Have you ever fallen into the ‘trap’ of having to be the perfect parent? It happens to a lot of us! Join me and Kate Adey for Episode 3 of the Under the Skin series, in conversation with Tammy Furey a coach for parents. See more about Tammy at www.fureycoaching.com and www.facebook.com/tammyfurey/

    Listen out for, at about 30 minutes in, us talking about ‘your story of the should’ and the ‘internal fight of what you would like and what it is really like.’ For me the good news is that when the fight stops, we can find new sense of freedom, acceptance, connection and also see new possibilities and solutions more clearly.

    Feel free to share the video with anyone who might benefit from exploring this topic. Do get in touch if you would like to discuss personally any part of the conversation that resonates with you. You can email me at kg@karolinagladych.com. To find out about Kate, go to www.kateadey.co.uk


    If you want to download the conversation as an audio, go to soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/karolina-gladych/being-perfect

    Episode 2 "What if parenting could be easier and less stressful?" with Peter Anderson

    Episode 1 "What if the role of a parent isn't what we think"?

  • Parenting with EASE

    I felt inspired to start parenting series. Not because I am a perfect parent or an expert in parenting. I am a mum of two beautiful girls Aliki and Sofia and I see parenting as a journey of evolving, growing up and discovering how much love and strength can be found within us, even in the middle of a messy crazy day. Sometimes I struggle and get upset, just like we all do. And I also know that I always have the capacity to come back to my peaceful and resourceful self. And I know that I can trust my instincts whenever I am in that place (even if what my instincts say goes against 'exert advice'). I hope for the series to be an invitation for parents to see that they have all they need to have healthy and connected relationship with their kids.

    A story about Sunday afternoon tiredness, kids acting crazy, their mom trying to get things under control and as a result acting crazy, magazines on the floor and a miracle that happened

    A story about Aliki not wanting her dinner and a shift from frustration to lightheartedness.

    Very often the reason why we struggle to implement a change is that we aren't totally clear that the change is right for us at given time. In such situations it is helpful to stop pushing and allow ourselves some space around the issue. Once clarity emerges, changes, even challenging ones, go much more smoothly. I share a story about Aliki's sleeping arrangement to illustrate it.

    This episode is about one of the things I consider THE MOST IMPORTANT in parenting (and in life) - the power of slowing down. It looks to me like by slowing down, we access some kind of 'fast line' to results, to connection, to clarity, to inspiration and to feeling alive. Test it for your self and you'll love what will happen.

    I'm exploring the amazing built in mechanism for wellbeing and optimal functioning that we and our kids (and everyone else) have. That's why when my kids cry/moan/scream during a walk in a park (because they couldn't have another ice cream or something like that), I am not concerned about it. I know that the best I can do is to offer loving presence. And I know that in a while they'll be OK and no matter how dramatic the crying was, once they are done, they'll be as good as new. And that's why my mom's attempts to manage the situation (by comforting or bribing or shaming the kids) don't work. They just interfere with the built in mechanism and prolong the distress. Once I started appreciating the built in design for wellbeing my life became easier and gentler. And sometimes I forget and try to control and I struggle. And then I wake up and let the system fork for me again.

    I am reflecting on a podcast about conscious parenting. We often have unconscious expectations for our children to heal our wounds or meet our unmet needs. When I feel upset by my child's behaviour, I find it very helpful to ask myself "Am I seeing this situation clearly? Am I responding to what is actually happening or am I reacting to some emotions that came up in me that have nothing to do with my child but with my unconscious expectations"?

    Wow, this episode is a bit different from the others. I am talking in it about giving thanks and asking for help and about invisible energy behind life and interconnectedness of all life and about talking with angels and animal spirits and children's natural curiosity and interest in the invisible world. I didn't exactly plan for this topic but BOOM, that's what I felt inspired to talk about today.

    I very much welcome your questions, reflections, comments and stories. Feel free to connect with me using the form below or by emailing me directly at kg@karolinagladych.com

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