• More ease and flow, more magic, authentic desires and passion, permission to explore and express your unique gifts, love, joy and deep juicy connection with your soul

    These are the key words for the coaching I offer

  • “Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.”

    You sense that greater fulfillment and well-being than you are currently experiencing are possible...

    You want to feel more comfortable in your own skin...

    You want to struggle less and experience more ease and flow...

    You want stronger connection with your creative potential so you can pursue your goals and make decisions more effortlessly...

    Sometimes you think so much (analyzing, trying to figure out, planing and solving) that you feel your head is about to explode and you wouldn't mind (at all!!!) some peace of mind that allows you to connect with a deeper knowing...

    You tend to think a lot about yourself (either evaluating yourself or considering what others think of you or dwelling in your memories or fantasies) and you would love to be less per-occupied with 'the story of you' and be more engaged in life, having natural confidence and freedom to dive in to action...


    If you recognized yourself in any of the above statements, you are in the right place. I am inviting you to a coaching journey.

    As a result of us working together you will experience greater sense of peace and calm, that will be your greatest resource in challenging circumstances. It will help you make decisions from a place of wisdom rather than from insecurity or reactivity. It will allow you not to get stressed out and exhausted during busy periods at work or at home. You will discover that your True Nature is creative, loving, resilient and serene. Your relationships, your work and your experience of life will start transforming as you allow the wisdom of your Heart to guide you.


    I want to emphasize that I am not just another coach who will help you get from A to B. What's on offer when you work with me is very different. I will see your resources, your potential and your magnificence that you are not fully aware of and I will do my best to help you see it for yourself. We will step beyond improvement, to the realm of pure potentiality so you can see possibilities for happiness and success you haven't seen before. I will help you fall in love with Life and experience yourself as fully supported and taken care of by Life. It will allow you to engage in your projects from a place of inner security and playfulness. Life can be much easier and richer and magical when you allow yourself to relax into who you truly are.

    Premium package

    12 sessions+individual retreat in Cyprus+ unlimited email support

    This is the most inclusive package. You will spend 5 days with me in Cyprus either before or half way through your 12 coaching sessions that will be done online. Moreover, you will have access to unlimited email support in between sessions.


    The investment: 3400 euro (accommodation, sightseeing and some meals are included in this package).

    Package of 12 sessions

    This package includes 12 sessions via skype/zoom or in person

    This package allows you for a deep exploration of your True Nature and will give you a chance to work in depth on whatever project or challenge you want to bring to the table.

    The investment: 790 euro

    Package of 6 sessions

    This package includes 6 sessions via skype/zoom or in person

    This package will allow you to experience what's possible when you dive in in a deep conversation and explore your projects or challenges in the context of the unlimited potentiality of your True Self.

    The investment: 420 euro

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    I work online as well as in person. My home based office is in Kolossi in Cyprus. Online sessions can be done with or without video via zoom or skype

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