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Woman's Wild Soul

Can you hear Her?

Dear Sister, can you hear her?

She’s constantly talking to you. In your body, in your dreams, in your longings, in your joy and your sorrow. Your Wild Soul. Your best friend, your greatest teacher, your bellowed and the essence of you. She is not glossy-pink- sleek and sweet pretty. She can be fierce like fire and dark like the black fertile earth. And she is also the purest most passionate love and the brightest light. She is a force of nature and she is a source of healing and the spark of creation. She can be messy and she can be the gentlest. Wholeness, abundance and depth are her attributes. She whispers to you in the sweetest way but when you turn your back and refuse to listen she can scream at you like hell. All out of love. She wants you to hear and to answer the calling. So listen to Her dear Sister, breath Her and follow Her.

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