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Hi and happy beginning of the week:)

Some of you know that I've recently fallen in love with the topic of LIGHTENING UP. I also felt inspired to write a short book with everyday life stories of lightening up. If you have such a story and would like it to be included in the book, please get in touch with me. I am looking for stories in which something looked heavy and serious and gloomy and you felt despaired/depressed/angry/anxious about it then you had a shift and it looked different to you, lighter, more hopeful, gentler or maybe even hilarious. I am especially interested in stories about relationships with a family members, romantic relationships, feeling lonely, issues with your body, with weight, religious conflict, addiction, problems at work and money issues. But other stories are also welcome.


I also have a couple of personal stories. I am so grateful for all my experiences of waking up from the heavy and somehow dramatic narratives that my mind is producing and falling to the lighthearted, gentle and loving wisdom of the Heart and I want the book to be an invitation for everyone to see that lighthearted reality is available to us the moment we start suspecting that the sad and scary pictures in our heads are made up.


So, if you'd like to share your story with me, email me. And one more thing, for me there is no too big or too small or too weird story. I welcome them all :-)


in gratitude,


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