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Reflections on my 5 days challenge

Creating a playground for the soul

Hello dear Friends!

Some of you know that last week I did a 5 days challenge. It was super simple and it turned out to be very beneficial for me. The challenge was to allow myself 10 minutes of doing nothing, just being with myself in silence for 5 days in a row and then share what happened in short videos . Easy, isn't it? I cannot express how amazed I am that so little can offer so much.

What are the main things that I learned?

First and foremost, I learned that when I listen to my intuition wonderful things happen. My intuition clearly told me that it would be good for me to do this challenge. My mind wrestled with it for a while ("it is too simple!", "why do I need to commit to 5 days!?", "What if I have nothing valuable to share?" etc.) but I decided to go with my intuition rather than with the noise in my head. And I am so glad I did.

The second thing I learned is that creating some space is all it takes for my intuition/my Heart/my soul to come and play and talk to me. By space I mean moments (and it doesn't need to be long, in my challenge it was just 10 minutes) when I am not doing anything. No input from tv, books, headphones, activities, planning what to do next etc.

The third thing that I learned is that I don't need to believe in what my thoughts are telling me. As I was lying down and watching my thoughts go by, I noticed how ridiculous much (most?) of the content passing through my head was. As one of my favourite teachers, Mary Schiller, says, "they (the thoughts) don't know who they are talking to". When I allowed myself to feel the deeper quietness that was there, underneath the thinking; when I got present to the feeling of being alive, I felt enormous sense of support and security. Moreover, my intuition started showing me things that were helpful in my daily life in a very practical way.

Below I listed 5 videos with reflections from 5 days of my challenge. Feel free to watch and get in touch with me with any reflections or questions. My invitation to you is to ask yourself "what is my intuition telling or showing me?" In my case it was being quiet for a while. For you it might be the same or something different. Maybe your intuition is telling you to grab a brush and paint or maybe go out for a walk or call a friend or...well, it's your intuition so you find out :-). I encourage you to follow it and see what happens. And my guess is that your reward will be invaluable.

happy exploring!

with love,

Karolina Gladych

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