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Musings about magic, energy and embodiment

photo credit: Soul Art Medicine

Hi there, here are my musings during a walk with my dog (you'll have a chance to see her in the video a couple of times as well )


Here are the main points I'm sharing in the video:


1. The 'secret' to shifting your inner state, for instance from anxious to relaxed - don't try to change your thoughts (we've tried that one before, right?). Connect with your body instead and with movement tap into the energetics of the state you want to experience.


2. The magic that happens when you embody new kind of energy (e.g. feminine energy). Possibilities you couldn't see or even imagine, reveal themselves to you thus your reality changes and your life gets rearranged. When you invite new type of energy to your life, examine what kind of judgements you have about it because strong negative (and often hidden) judgements will be preventing you from fully embodying this energy.


3. Kudos to Michaela Boehm who in acknowledgments at the end of her book 'Wild Woman's Way' thanked her housekeeper!


4. When you discover something about you that isn't pretty (e.g you realise that you've been inconsiderate of someone or you discover a wound you weren't aware of), the mind wants to jump to solutions quickly in order to decrease the discomfort that the discovery brought about. I am inviting you to stay with the discomfort, with the tenderness and discover something deeper.


Lots of love to you  


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