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Living from True Self series part 2 - Lightening up

A couple of days ago I was so inspired by a wonderful coach Mary Schiller when she talked about her intention for women to lighten up around money. I had my big AHA moment then. My Heart told me "Yes, Lightening up, this is what I am inviting you to do! Not only around money but across the board, you can live from beautiful lighthearted energy." This message resonated so deeply with me and immediately I could see implications of lightening up for relationships, for work, for health...just for every aspect of life. When we stop listening to heavy serious thinking in our mind, we open up to beautiful and helpful light energy. And when we allow this energy guide us, people love being around us, inspiration strikes and action becomes effortless and joyful and wonderful things happen at the speed of light. See the video below to hear me talk about LIGHTENING UP and I'm wishing you a joyful lighthearted day!

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