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From inspiration to fruition

Is perfectionism stopping you from sharing your creative gifts?

Hello! I’d like to share with you the first video of my online video course “From Inspiration to Fruition. How to stop overthinking and start creating with joy and ease”. I love being in a creative process and I also love supporting others in their creations, especially those who feel drawn to jumping to the ‘unknown’, letting go of rules, prescriptions and blueprints and creating something new and fresh, something that they feel inspired to bring to life.

And I also want to share something about perfectionism. If you watch the video, you will notice that I’m mispronouncing the word ‘inspiration’. I keep doing it throughout the entire course and I use this word quite often. When someone pointed it out to me, for a moment I considered taking the course off the platform. But then I thought, well it has a few imperfections that could be adjusted, I’m too close to the camera, I mispronounce words etc. BUT I’ve heard from people who have taken the course that it helped them connect with their creative flow and take action. So instead of wanting to be perfect, I chose to keep sharing it with others. It took a simple but powerful shift – from myself (‘how others perceive me’, ‘am I good enough’ etc.) towards others. If it’s bringing value, I won’t be hiding it. What about you? Is there something your intuition is nudging you to share with the world but you’ve been withholding it out of fear of being judged? Feel free to share with me.

If you would like to take the course is available at Udemy: If you are interested, contact me ( for a special coupon code to get the course for only 9.99$. I am looking forward to connecting with you and supporting you on your creative journey.

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