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"Fresh look at being a highly sensitive person and True Self" Webinar

Am I a HSP I (as Michael Neill says it) the creative potential of the entire Universe

Hi everyone, today instead of a short video, I'd like to share a webinar I recorded last Thursday. A few months ago I started my exploration of the topic of sensitivity. I was going to create an online program for 'sensitive people' and as my preparation, I interviewed 15 people who thought of themselves as sensitive. In the webinar I share 5 common threads that showed up in all the interviews. As I discuss each of the 5 points, I am inviting you to have a fresh look at who you are, how any experience is created and the possibility of living and working in more lighthearted and easeful way.


In the mainstream discussion about sensitivity, it is usually seen as a weakness or as something special and precious. From my point of view, sensitivity in and of itself is neutral. Sometimes we put it to a 'wrong' use and we experience deep (and often quite dramatic) suffering and struggle. And sometimes we put it to the 'right' use and it is amazingly helpful in discerning the 'vibration' of useful, fresh, helpful and inspired impulses versus old, familiar, limiting and simply untrue stories that we tell ourselves. It helps us understand other people (without being burdened by their problems) and to experience the wonders of Life.


Oh, and I also decided not to go ahead with creating the program for 'sensitive people' and in the webinar I share why.

And hurray....we had one live participant in the webinar so the second half turned out to be interactive :)

You can watch the video below or, if you prefer to listen to the audio, you can download it here:


If there is anything that intrigued you or resonated with you in the webinar, feel free to get in touch and share your reflections or comments.

in gratitude,


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