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Follow the living energy

It can get you to places more amazing than you could imagine

In this video I talk about permission to rest, permission to stop pushing, effortless insight and clarity, following the living energy and grounding in the loveliness of being.

I am also sharing a story about leading a seminar for which I had no venue and... I didn't freak out (as I would have in the past). Everyday we had our small group session in a different quiet cafe and it worked out very well. The 3 ladies who attended the workshop discovered a nice book cafe in the old town and on Friday we had our last session there (see the photo below). I had a chat with the owner and it turns out that they are restoring a beautiful building and turning it into a beautiful event venue and in addition, at the book cafe they organise at least twice a week personal development talks and workshops, so far mainly in Greek but some people asked them about events in English and they invited me to come along and give a talk/workshop or even a series of them.

I couldn't predict or plan it at all but I sense that it might lead to something really cool:), especially that my very good friend is going to join me for the series of talks.

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