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Emotional healing and expansion

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Hi there! I wanted to share with you something new and fresh and simply amazing that's been going on for me in the few recent months. But let me step back for a moment and give you a bit of a context.

For several years I've been on a journey of deepening my understanding and experience of the Creative Force that creates the Universe, the Conscious Living Energy that is the Source of everything, the Formless Spirit that takes billions forms and then comes back to its pure formlessness and the cycle goes on and on. I loved that journey and the deeper I went in this exploration, the wider my sense of self expanded. I god experiential glimpses of this energy being my essence, being not separate from me and connecting me with everyone and everything else. I cannot express how grateful I am for being on this path.

Few months ago though I noticed that my attention was drawn from the heights of 'transcendence' down to the depths of the physical world. I literally started to be more interested in the trees that I see everyday, in physical sensations and in general in 'the world of form'.

I was quite surprised by this shift but then something clicked and it started to make perfect sense. The way it looks to me at this moment is that my understanding (however limited) of us being the energy that animates this particular human form is like a safe container that allows me to get more involved with the world of form without getting lost in it. In the 3 Principles teachings (3 Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought as well as non dual teachings have been the foundation of my spiritual path) we often use the metaphor of the sky, pointing to the fact that we are the sky, not the ever changing weather. Well, I believe we are all of it, the sky and the weather but knowing that the sky/the unlimited creative potential/the silence that allows for the music to be born is our truest deepest nature allows me to immerse myself safely in discovering and enjoying the weather patterns. Without knowing I am the sky, I could be shit scared of storms or miserable on cloudy days trying to escape or control the rain. But I know that the nature of the weather is to change, to follow intelligent rhythms so I do not need to do anything about it.


And yet I can learn about the clouds and tune into the rhythms of the nature to understand when to sow the seeds, when to sail and where to find the yummiest berries.


I feel drawn to the world of deep feelings, intuition, symbols and our inner magic. I am diving deeply and I am so grateful for the safety brought to me by the notion that my deepest nature is of the source, not of the creation.


It looks like my understanding of our spiritual nature wants to be more embodied in the human life I live. It looks like the heights of the sky want to meet with the depths of the earth. I feel called to become more conscious of Spirit present in this human physical, sensual, feelings filled, magical existence.

With butterflies in my belly I am saying YES to this juicy invitation.


So, back to the video :-) It is about a new 'method' of healing and expanding that came to me. It's been working beautifully and magically for me and I find it to be very simple and available for everyone.

So, if you are interested in emotional healing, expansion, growth and tapping into mysterious depths of the real You, you may want to watch or even try it yourself. Feel free to let me know what you've discovered.


Oh! and by the end of the video I'm sharing my magical encounter with a red cat:)


with love,


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