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Drinking lemonade with God

Living fro True Self series part 3

Hi there :-) How are things going in your world? Today's video is about things not going well. A couple of weeks ago I was faced with a challenge in my personal life and in general I was quite unhappy about it and I could feel an undercurrent of low mood most of the time.

I was constantly thinking about my problem, trying to analyze it, understand it, figure out the best way forward etc. I was so focused on the difficulty that I could hardly see anything else. And then something surprising happened...

It was almost a week ago, my intuition spoke to me in a way that helped me let go of the heaviness, lighten up, see the beauty of life again and feel the magic of being alive.

So, what was it that proved to be so helpful you may be wondering...

...I saw that no matter what's going on in my world, I am ALWAYS invited to drink lemonade with God. I talk more about what it meant to me in in the video (it started raining while I was recording it).

I hope you enjoy watching it and if it resonates, if it sparks an insight or if you have any questions or reflections, get in touch, I'll be delighted to connect with you.

Oh, and one more thing, I am happy to let you know that now, about one week after I had that realization, the problem I had, has transformed and things are going well. So often the chats with God over a lemonade are not only nourishing for the soul but also wonderfully helpful in the practical aspects of life :-)

with love,


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