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    I've been blessed to have the best work in the world!

    Hi, Karolina Gladych here. For the last 10 years I have worked as a coach and a group facilitator with hundreds of people from more than 20 countries. I've been often in awe of how resourceful people are, how wonderful ideas, feelings and talents can be found inside them. I have also noticed that people tend not to know how resourceful and wonderful they are. Because of this, they:

    • Play small and do not do what they really want because they believe they are not capable of creating what they truly desire. It leads to frustration and sense of lack of fulfillment.
    • Are needy, believing that in order to feel OK (loved, worthy, significant, powerful etc.), they need others to offer appreciation, support, approval, admiration etc.
    • Do not open their hearts fully and do not allow full range of feelings, full potential for love and connection.
    • Do not trust their instincts, intuition, insights and question their intuitive nudges
    • Do not have the juicy fully alive relationship with Life that they could. They forget that they are here to be fully present and engaged in life and be fully supported by Life. And they live as if they were here just to survive or perform or please others.

    What I want for you to know is that:

    • The essence of you is perfect, trustworthy, resourceful and beautiful beyond measure.
    • You don’t need to be ashamed or scared of any feeling or desire or thought that arises inside you.
    • You have all it takes to enjoy authentic fulfilling and rich connections with others.
    • You have all it takes to work and create in meaningful and joyful ways.
    • Whatever has happened to you in the past, whatever you have done, your capacity for joy, love and contribution are intact.

    I will be honored to be your companion on the journey of uncovering your True Self.


    One of my greatest strengths as a coach is my ability to see your resourcefulness. I will see your strength, your resilience and your beauty and I will help you see them for yourself and discover your resources you aren't aware of yet. I know that once you start experiencing more of your True Self, your life will become easier, more peaceful, more magical, joyful and successful and your creativity will be put to a correct use.

    My journey

    I have always been interested in exploring the truth and the magic of Life and human nature. I attained a Master degree in clinical psychology. I was planning to become a psychotherapist but along the way my interest shifted from ‘what’s wrong with people and how to heal it’ to ‘what is whole, resourceful and magnificent in people and how can we deepen our connection with our health’.


    In 2007 I started working as a trainer in Poland, then I relocated to Cyprus, trained as a coach and a group facilitator and since 2010 I've been working with individual clients and international groups.


    In 2012 I discovered the inside out understanding (AKA 3 Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought), first articulated by a mystic and philosopher Sydney Banks, and this discovery accelerated my transformation.

    Feelings of loneliness, of not belonging fully in this world, of not being understood and well adjusted have dissolved as I saw that wisdom, love and deep wellbeing do not lye in anything that comes from the outside but can be found in the core of my being.

    Life became so much easier, I didn't feel anymore that I needed to constantly prepare, improve and work hard if I wanted to achieve something.

    Much more ease and flow became available to me. The biggest shift for me was when I started to see that I am not what I think of myself. I am not my story, my memories, my image of myself, my accomplishments and failures. Neither I am my feelings (this was a huge discovery for me because I used to very much identify with my emotions and I used to dwell on them!), my thoughts or my behavior. And I am certainly not any label that I or anyone else could put on me. This realization has brought me so much freedom, relieve and joy and allowed me to open up to new possibilities, new level of joy, authenticity and resilience. I stopped being interested in 'the drama of me'. I also stopped (at least for the most part) judging myself, over-analyzing my feelings or trying to 'fix' them. I opened up to the natural, amazingly intelligent and loving flow of Life. And I also know that whenever I feel stuck, whenever things look bleak, I can relax and trust that Life will guide me and support me. This trust is not just an optimistic perspective but is rooted in seeing our True Nature - innately resilient, creative serene and connected.


    Lately my biggest passion is exploration of the wild feminine. Working with archetypes, embodiment and nature takes me deeper into my soul and has become an integral part of my work as a coach.


  • I work online as well as in person. My home based office is in Kolossi in Cyprus. Events take place in different locations on the island. I also love collaborations and I could be a guest speaker on your event.

  • Appreciation

    What clients are saying about me

    Audrey Friggieri, Malta

    In life it's hard to find people who radiate love and positivity, and you are one of those people. You have given us example of how we can learn and understand better when our mind and our heart are quiet and open, without judgement. Your seminar has been an oasis in my hectic life (...) I have already noticed that I can communicate better when I clean my filter and do not judge, even though judging comes so easy! This morning I had to ask something important of a person who is 'difficult'. I practiced what I learnt on the seminar and it worked! I think you are a very talented person and will surely help many people who come in contact with you. Thank you.

    Pia Adibe, Finland

    Karolina is a truly lovely, kind and experienced coach, I can recommend her warmly! I was attending her course in summer 2011 and loved it! Lots of meaningful deep insights, purifying tears and laughter.

    Elena Castro, USA

    Business coaching from a deeper space - outstanding.

    I am in a new phase of my evolution, and it brought a need to redefine my relationship with coaching, business and charging clients. Karolina Gladych is an amazing person to go on this journey into undefined territory with. Her questions and curiosity helped me to see things I couldn't on my own. Her vibrant, happy spirit made it so enjoyable and easy for me. I got what I was looking for. And she is a pure delight to be with.”


    Wanda Plachimowicz, Poland

    It was a wonderful and very unique course. Karolina, with her calmness, gentleness and strength coached me to see my problems in a new light. I have discovered in myself strengths I hadn't known I had. My enhanced self esteem led to a level of confidence I hadn't experienced before.

    Andrea Schmidt, USA

    Karolina is a gifted, compassionate and inspiring listener and motivator. I am very fortunate to have worked with her! : ) I highly recommend a session with Karolina.

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